What does a Digital Marketing Specialist do?

We are still somewhat early in the process of defining very specific job roles in the digital marketing field. Many companies are still hesitating to hire dedicated and specialized staff to accomodate for their online marketing needs. At the same time marketing departments still have many traditional marketers on their team trying to make the leap into the digital marketing space. 

Large enterprises are much more advanced in embracing dedicated digital marketing staff because they already have recognized how important the digital component of their business has become.

Smaller and mid-sized business, especially in more traditional sectors, however, are still hiring webmasters and are counting on agencies to do the majority of their work. This way of thinking is about to be outdated.

We are going into a world where digital marketing will not be a profession but a field. In that field you are going to have a large variety of different positions ranging from traffic aquisition managers, social media managers to strategist and various content specialists. Only the future will show, how granular it will eventually become. I could imagine that we might get Snapchat Manager positions going forward.

Today, we are still at a place where 1-3 digital marketing positions will cover for most of the business needs, at least for small or mid-sized businesses. This has to do with budget but also with the work volume for non-digital businesses.

These are going to be digital marketing specialist roles.

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