Who am i?

Welcome. My name is Feraz Zeid. I am digital marketing specialist. My first website I had built in 1996. Later, in 1998, I built another website that was actually quite successful and even received a Bluewindow award, in Switzerland.

However, I gave up on web development and design, because the tools available back then were difficult to use and I could not imagine building websites for a living.

After university, I started my career in financial services because in my early 20's my dream was to become a stock market trader.

Eventually, I went down the entrepreneurial path and at some point rediscovered the internet. A lot had changed by then, as the tools available in 2008 were very soffisticated and affiliate programs allowed for business models to be built based on content and SEO. I was captivated once again and the passion has not let me go ever since.

I have later worked for large businesses as a digital marketing specialist. I built traffic acquisition strategies and aimed at generating leads to increase sales.

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