display ads

Display ads are traditional banner ads that usually adher to industry standards in size. Display ad space can be bought via the Google Ads platform or through other programmatic systems. Display ads are mostly used for branding purposes and for remarketing purposes. Targeting options for display ads are limited.

Google Display Network

If display advertising is chosen to be part of the digital marketing mix, a great place to start is the Google Display Network. It can be managed directly through the Google Ads platform. While the Google display network is large and has a wide selection of parter websites to show ads on, in certain cases it may be required to have a deeper reach, better targeting options or very specific placements that have to organized through other networks.

Programmatic ads

Programmatic ad buying is the practice of purchasing available inventory of ad space on websites and website networks in an automated fashion. It is essentially very similar to the Google Display Network, however, in certain scenarios a better choice. For the majority of the smaller and medium sized business, the Google Display Network will be more than enough.

Display Advertising

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