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Here is a general roadmap for a business starting out on Facebook with the goal to generate more leads and to increase it’s exposure online.



To get started I would recommend the following initial setup:

Initial Setup (only 1x)

  • Preparation of website for tracking and measurement
  • Initial Facebook Business Manager portal setup
  1. Google Tag Manager on the website for easy integration of tracking code 
  2. Google Analytics for visibility of website traffic
  3. Facebook business manager account setup with payment method, Facebook page integration
  4. Installation of Facebook pixel via Google Tag Manager
  5. Any unforeseen setup requirements depending on current installation


Module 1: Fundamental Facebook Advertising

  • Website traffic acquisition campaign with the goal to generate leads
  • Split test various audience types, ad images, and ad copy
  • Remarketing campaign
  1. Define target audience by location, demographic data, and interests
  2. Define ad copy
  3. Create ad image variations
  4. Setup ad campaign on Facebook Business Manager
  5. Run campaign with daily budget and monitor interaction with ads, click-throughs, potential conversions, learn about the audience, collect data
  6. Change/optimize campaigns ads and targeting based on performance metrics
  7. Integrate a remarketing campaign to website visitors
  8. Change/optimize remarketing campaigns based on performance metrics
  9. Report on results on a weekly/bi-weekly/monthly basis


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Disclosure: Please note that I cannot provide any success guarantees in the form of a number of leads or other metrics as every business and industry is different and a learning experience in terms of what works and what does not.

What I can guarantee, however, is that I will be acting with your best interest in mind and with the intent to make every campaign as successful as possible.

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