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Search advertising is mostly known as Google Adwords in today’s business world. It is a paid effort to show your ad to people looking for a specific keyword or phrase. Actually, this advertising form is ingenious because by searching for a specific word or phrase a user reveals his or her intention and allows us to evaluate if the search intent of a search query is going to lead to an action that we desire.

Search advertising can be highly competitive in many business niches and therefore rather expensive. Nevertheless, paid search advertising is an important part of any digital marketing mix, provided that there is a digital marketing budget to work with.

The difficulty with search advertising is to optimize your campaigns to a point where they are profitable or clearly contribute to attracting top-of-the-funnel website traffic.

Targeting specific search intent can often be difficult because not every search phrase will lead to a sale or a lead. Some searches are for information only. Some searches are relevant but with a mismatch in the location. Other searches can be relevant but are not matching the price point of your offer. Certain verticals do not even have a clear language that potential clients can search for as search phrases.

To succeed in search advertising time and energy are required. However, it is important to understand that most activity on the web is started through search engines, so having strategic exposure in search is critical to business success.

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