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Facebook ads are a highly effective way to reach your target audience due to its laser-sharp targeting options. While Facebook has reached a certain level of maturity as a platform, it still has one of the biggest user bases in the world, allowing you to reach a large part of the population directly on their mobile.

facebook Targeting options

Probably the most noteworthy characteristic about Facebook advertising is the fact that platforms allows for lazer-sharp targeting. Since the platform is constantly collecting user data, it is in the position to identify not only demographics such as age and location but also details such interests. This is what makes the Facebook platform so powerful. It is now possible to show highly relevant ads to a target audience that has clearly expressed an interest in a specific topic by interacting with content related to the subject. The other key advantage is the reach of Facebook around the world, making campaign scalability an non-issue.

facebook business manager

Facebook ads are managed through the Facebook Business Manager that is a highly flexible platform that can handle a large selection of user roles, payment methods and administrative tools.


Instagram belongs to Facebook and ads can be directly managed via the Facebook Business Manager. The Instagram account can be connected to a campaign or alternatively the Facebook page will be used as the advertising entity.

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