Leads are contacts that could potentially become real opportunities for a business to make a sale. Since the digital transformation is taking over the business world as we speak, more and more businesses are looking to compete for attention online in order to generate, nurture and convert leads into clients.

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Lead Acquisition

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Internet traffic is the lifeblood of online business. In order to make an offer to your target audience, you need to define your ideal client and then find ways to reach a large part of that ideal demographic with your message. In order to bring web traffic to your website you will need to acquire this traffic in places where the "action" is. Currently this is the search engine Google and the big social media platforms, among other places.

Paid vs Organic Traffic Acquisition

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There are various methods to attract web traffic to your offer on your website. There are paid methods which are for the most part ads on platforms with a lot of attention such as Facebook, Instagram or Google Search.

There are, however, also "free" methods to attract traffic through organic search. In order to benefit from free organic search traffic, your website has to earn a spot in the top 10 search results for a frequently searched keyword or phrase. 

It is also possible to generate organic traffic through organic social media content. What is important to understand, is that paid methods can be implemented immediately, while organic traffic has to be earned over time.

Lead Conversion

traffic is not enough

Bringing traffic to your offer on your website is not enough. Your visitors have to understand the offer, develop the desire to take action and then execute the desired action. Many things have to go right, in that process. For many business models, however, the desired action will almost never happen on the first visit to you website.

Remarketing and Lead Nurturing

kiss on the first date?

For products and services that traditionally have a longer conversion cycle, it is important to be patient with the potential clients. Even if they are really interested in your offer, they may need time, before they are ready to subscribe, connect with or to purchase. However, it is important to stay top-of-mind while they are comparing your offer. In order to do so you could use various techniques such as remarketing and lead nurturing via email.

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