Online Advertising

Online Advertising can be devided into 3 main subcategories. Search Ads, Display Ads and Social Media Ads. Search ads are a very popular way of making a business visibible because there is a clear and active search intent behind every ad click, making such leads often of higher quality. However, the targeting options on social networks are so advanced that social media ads can easily compete with search ads. Display ads are mostly used to generate brand awareness, however, they can be quite powerful when used for remarketing purposes.

Online Advertising Switzerland

Google Ads

Most people think of Google ads when they hear about online advertising. This is the most popular form of online advertising because it serves an active search intent by the end user on the Google search engine and is therefore highly relevant and often very effective. By bidding on search phrases and popular search keywords, we are able to show an ad to the searching user without having to earn organic rankings with SEO.

Social Media Ads

Social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram have become very important for internet marketers because they allow for laser sharp targeting by demographic and interest, something that is hardly possible on other platforms. The campaign scaling possibilities on these social media platforms are practically endless, especially for marketers working globally.

Display Ads

Display ads are the closest ad form to the traditional advertising on street banners. They have been around for a long time and can be used to run broad branding campaigns. The problem with display advertising is that it is difficult to accurately target a specific group of people, so that this type of ads really work only for campaigns that are for the general population or for specific remarketing purposes.

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